If the time has come for you to find new premises or simply move your equipment to make more room, you may be tempted to look into dealing with the matter yourself. On the face of things this may seem like a cheaper alternative to hiring machinery relocation experts but if you can’t be sure that you’ll end up with more problems that you started with, it may not be worth the risk.

There are few key factors to consider when it comes to considering in-house moves which may help you decide that hiring a professional is the right call.

1. Invalid Warranties

Most new machinery that you have probably came under warranty when you purchased it. However, the small print may state that after equipment has been erected, any disassembly will void guarantees, meaning it will no longer have a valid warranty and many items will have irreplaceable features that need to be removed prior to dismantling.

If you don’t have specific knowledge on the ins and outs of your equipment and how to deal with problems that may arise, you could be staring trouble in the face and this is even truer if you don’t know how to properly reinstate your apparatus.

A machinery relocation professional should be equipped with the necessary know-how when it comes to ensuring that warranties are not breached and everything is transported safely. If transportation is impossible without dismantling, a professional mover may be able to help you with the maintenance and upkeep side of things to ensure that you don’t suffer from an invalid guarantee.

2. Lack of Insurance

If you’re uninsured to carry out your own machinery relocation and for any reason equipment is damaged or broken in transit, chances are you could be shelling out for brand new replacement parts or even a whole unit.

What you should find with most professionals is that they are fully insured against any mishaps, setbacks or disasters. This means that as opposed to performing removals yourself and harbouring chances of unfortunate accidents, a company dedicated to efficient apparatus moving will also be covered, making the job as risk-free as possible.

3. Unsuitable Experience

Chances are your main focus is making money through your business and shifting all of your equipment is not something that you tend to implement on a regular basis. With this in mind, and especially if this is your first attempt, your experience is unlikely to guide you through the process.

Whilst experience isn’t necessarily the be-all and end-all of machinery relocation, it can go a long way in ensuring that everything runs smoothly and to plan. Skilful experts will know what should and shouldn’t be done as they’ve learned over time and honed their skills to reflect this.

4. Insufficient Equipment

If you are considering moving apparatus yourself, you have probably given some thought as to how you are going to physically get your heavy and bulky items out of their current positions and into their proposed new ones.

A professional service is far more likely to have transport vehicles and equipment capable of comfortably bearing the weight of your apparatus and as such is probably a much better choice than potentially being stuck unable to move your items.

Avoiding Headaches

Hopefully you will come to realise that finding a machinery relocation professional is important before attempting to perform the project yourself. It is all too easy to think everything is under control only to find out further down the line that you are in too deep, costing more time and maybe even more money.

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