If you work in an industry that uses heavy machinery or in a workplace where stock and inventory is constantly being transported from one place to another, then keeping your premises clutter-free will prove to be invaluable when it comes to boosting productivity and efficiency levels. Not to mention, it will also provide your employees with a far safer workspace, giving you absolute peace of mind. But if you’re finding it difficult to keep your premises clutter-free, then here are a few ways in which you can keep on top of it, no matter the industry you work in.

Recycle, reuse & repurpose

Go through all of the items in your premises and take steps to get rid of everything you either don’t need or no longer require. Take care when disposing of products, making sure to recycle and donate items where possible as reusing or repurposing other things you find. If you can’t repurpose it, then offer it up to someone who can.

For example, you might have come across an old tyre that you can’t do anything with. But you could donate it to a school or a community centre where they can treat it and turn it into a swing for everyone to enjoy. By removing items you no longer need, you’ll create a larger, free space to use, or not use in some cases.

Stick to a cleaning schedule

Most workplaces, no matter the industry, will have a cleaning schedule that they stick to. Whether it be a routine that occurs once a week or at the end of every day, a cleaning schedule will help you to stay on top of dirt and debris, without taking you away from fulfilling the responsibilities of your paid role.

Most employers will enlist the help of a professional cleaning company to minimise the time their employees spend on cleaning workstations. If your workplace doesn’t have a cleaning schedule yet, suggest it as something that would be beneficial for, not only morale and productivity, but safety as well.

Use space efficiently

After you’ve decluttered, you’ll have more free space than ever before. Make sure you use this newfound space wisely to avoid clutter from building up again. Make sure everything has a place and that it’s all kept and put back in its place once the job is done. This enables products to be found quickly and easily whilst also providing you with enough space for other things you acquire to complete the task at hand.

Keep your floors clean & debris-free

It’s important that floors are kept clean and tidy to avoid accidents. If you’re going to mop the floors, make sure you’ve cleared the area of loose debris and place signs on the ground to notify passers-by that the floor is wet before you start mopping your floor surfaces. This will help to keep those in the vicinity safe from slips, trips and falls whilst giving a clean and polished finish for your workers and site visitors to enjoy.

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