Shipping your heavy machinery overseas might seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before. But with Emcon Services, we’ll make the process as simple and as straightforward as possible for our clients across the country with our specialist machinery relocation services.

As experienced professionals in the field, we understand that many machine owners will worry about saltwater damage if they’re transporting their equipment overseas. With this in mind, let’s discuss a few ways in which you can avoid saltwater damage throughout the process.

Allow metal parts to cool & dry out before packing away

Before packing up your equipment, make sure that any exposed metal parts and components are completely dry and cool. Never pack up your machinery just after it’s been used. Give it several hours to completely cool down before wrapping it up ready for transportation.

Ensure all metal parts are clean

In addition to making sure your metal parts and components are dry and cool, you should also check that it’s all clean and oil-free before packing. Residue from water and other substances can erode certain metals or hinder their strength, so it’s best to give it all a good clean out before wrapping it up ready for relocation overseas. This also means it’ll be in top condition and ready to use once it reaches its destination, saving time at the other end.

Use packing materials that are appropriate for the conditions your machinery will be travelling in

The materials you use to pack your machinery is important because you don’t want water to penetrate the material and cause rust to form on your equipment. Usually, machine owners will opt for plastic wraps or film as it provides the perfect water-proof properties to protect metal machinery from coming into contact with water and moisture. There are some eco-friendly options available if you’re looking to steer clear of plastic packaging, but it’s a sure way of keeping water out of your valuable equipment.

Do your best to rust-proof your machinery before shipping

In addition to making sure your machinery is wrapped in plastic, or another material that’s water-proof, you can also treat your machinery with substances to protect from rust. Using oil-based paints and liquids will help to keep water and moisture at bay in addition to shrink-wrapping rather than simply covering and securing machinery with plastic sheets or tarpaulin.

Emcon Services work tirelessly to provide customers throughout the United Kingdom with sterling heavy machinery services, including the installation, relocation, refurbishment, maintenance and the loading and unloading of a wide range of different machines, regardless of its weight. Whether you’re transporting your machinery overseas or would like to move a machine around the corner, Emcon Services will always be on hand to help. For further information about our machine relocation services or any of our other specialist heavy machinery services, get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable, professional team today – we’re always pleased to hear from you.