Now that the cold winter conditions have set in, you’re probably wondering how best to maintain and look after your heavy equipment. Regardless of what the weather is doing, you still need to be able to carry out your operations as normal and part of that means ensuring your equipment is fully-functional and safe to operate as and when needed, which also means reducing downtime. So how can you elongate the life of your heavy machinery this winter?

Ensure everyone is adequately trained

Anyone who uses or maintains the heavy machinery should be well-trained. Those who operate the machinery on a regular basis should be aware of how to handle the equipment in cold, icy, snowy or frosty conditions. This should include stopping distances and speed. The machine cannot travel at the same speed in icy conditions as it can in dry, warmer conditions, for example. Making sure that staff members are trained properly is paramount to safe operation and excellent maintenance as it could prevent damages and rust and rot.

Make sure maintenance is carried out on a regular basis

Like with any piece of heavy equipment,you should ensure that your machinery is well-maintained, specifically during the cold weather. This includes making sure that there’s plenty of deicer available, looking to see if the tyres are in good condition and fitted with traction chains if needed and ensuring that all fluids are topped up, to name a few things. Maintenance is key and should be performed by a competent individual.

Look for signs of wear & tear

It’s important that your machinery is safe to use at all times. Part of checking if it’s safe to operate involves looking for signs of wear and tear, including damages and breakages. You should also check that liquid levels are topped up, for example. If you do find that anything is wrong, then make sure you either have it repaired by a competent, qualified professional or discard the machine and order a new one.

Although this will come with a high initial cost, it’ll ensure the machinery is safe to use, therefore reducing accidents in the workplace. Workplace injuries could cost you a lot of money if it goes to court, so mitigate this entirely by making the equipment safe to operate in the first place.

Keep everything clean & tidy

It’s important that both the machinery itself and the vicinity it’s in is kept clean and tidy at all times. This prevents anything from falling onto the machine, including liquids and other pieces of equipment as well as mitigating the likelihood of rust forming. To keep the machinery in top condition, keep the machine clean and the surrounding area free from dirt, debris and other objects that might fall and damage the heavy machinery you need to get the job done.

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