Emcon services has recently taken delivery of a new equipment vehicle, the Ford transit 350 is capable of carrying more weight than the model that was replaced as well as having the newer euro engine which delivers better mpg and further protects the environment.

We operate a limited mileage and age policy on vehicles as a company, this enables us to budget on operational costs as well as be confident that all our vehicles are only off the road when we intend them to be and minimises the risk of having to make embarrassing phone calls to our customers.

We looked at almost all the alternatives on the market but decided to stick to the Ford as we found that the overall price of the vehicle, servicing and spare parts were reasonable. We are committed to investment both in equipment and our employees and have a controlled investment plan over the next 24 months and beyond. Operating modern equipment with well trained employees enables us to complete jobs more efficient and much safer, all of which benefits everyone.