‘Hiab’ is an abbreviation for the brand Hydrauliska Industri AB, but the term is widely used to describe a lorry with a crane mounted on the back. Other popular names include Crane Lorry or Lorry Loader. These vehicles are extremely useful for the transportation of very heavy, bulky goods such as machinery or construction materials. Emcon’s Hiab vehicles, for example, can lift up to 15 tons and carry up to 12 tons, with a floor space of 6.2 to 7.5 metres long by 2.5 metres wide.

So how do you know if a Hiab is what you’re looking for? Here are just a few examples of some of the things our Hiabs can transport.

Heavy machinery

Hiabs are often the chosen method for transporting heavy machinery, which can otherwise be extremely difficult or even impossible to move. With a Hiab, the incorporation of a crane into the actual vehicle makes lifting and moving the machinery much easier.

Hiabs are also designed to keep cargo safe and undamaged. They have a heavy-duty floor that is strong enough to handle massive weights, while lashing rings allow machinery to be fully secured for safe transit. Care should always be taken lifting machinery, as important factors like centre of gravity aren’t always obvious.

At Emcon, a huge percentage of what we transport is heavy machinery. We’re heavily insured for this, as many lifts fall under the complex lift scenario. We therefore have our own Appointed Person to fully plan and document all awkward lifts.

Site materials

Hiab vehicles are widely used in construction to transport site materials such as steel erections, which may be too awkward a shape for other vehicles to transport. Whether transporting materials from supplier to site, or from one part of a large site to another, using a Hiab is a great way to ensure that goods are transported safely and efficiently.

The fact that all of our Hiabs are remote control enables the operator to be in the exact area to see the job in hand whilst keeping an eye on the surroundings. Sites are often full of other activities, so staying alert to everything is extremely important for health and safety. A Hiab can reduce operation cost, as it can prevent the need for banksmen and slinger signallers due to the crane being operated remotely rather than from the machine.

Pumps, generators & transformers

Fragile cargo needs to be handled with the utmost care to ensure that it is not damaged when being moved. Transporting generators to or around the construction site, transferring pumps to a different location or safely removing transformers can all be carried out with a Hiab while protecting the goods on board.

Pumps, generators and transformers are often required at short notice and quickly. Using a Hiab enables the same person to load, transport and site a generator, often within a few hours of the instruction.


Once shipping containers have been delivered, you may still need to move them to different parts of your site. This is another area where Hiabs can be useful: lifting and moving containers around site as needed. Once construction is complete, the containers are usually not required anymore and need to be relocated to the next project. a Hiab vehicle is perfect for this.

Abnormal-shaped cargo

Thanks to the setup of a Hiab crane lorry, the back portion is open, with the items to be transported being attached and secured with chains or straps through lashing rings. This makes it perfect for transporting cargo that is an abnormal or awkward shape. From custom machinery to boats, a Hiab is able to deal with almost any shape of cargo.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of what a Hiab can transport, but it should give some idea of the types of application once can be used for. So, if you need something heavy lifted and shifted, then it’s worth considering Hiab hire. With Emcon’s 32-ton crane lorries, you also get an ALLMI qualified member of our team operating the vehicle.

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