Regardless of the industry you might be working in, it’s important that, if you’re using heavy machinery, you have it located by a professional when the time comes. There are a variety of reasons as to why a piece of heavy machinery might need to be moved or relocated. We’ll discuss those instances and examples in this article.

It needs to be replaced

One of the most common reasons for machinery movement is to replace one that is old, damaged or broken. If you choose a professional to come and do this for you, such as us here at Emcon Services, you’ll be able to rely on us to safely and precariously move your machine away from its old spot and place a brand new piece of equipment there instead. We endeavour to do this safely every single time, ensuring that both your workers and your machinery is protected from harm during the entire process.

You’re undergoing a rearrange

It’s not uncommon for warehouses and factories alike to undergo a layout redesign. In turn, this means having to move your heavy machinery from one place to another on the same property. Depending on the type of machinery you have and, of course, its weight, it could require a considerable amount of planning. Again, asking a professional team to come and help you is the most recommended option, especially if you haven’t got much experience in machine movement.

A machine is going to a new home

It could be that you no longer want the machine. It might have become redundant and you’ve decided to sell it on. No matter the reason for sending it to a new home, you will need to move the machine from property to another. Much like a layout redesign, this will take some extensive planning.

Not only will you have to liaise with the new owners, but you’ll have to think of ways to actually remove it from your premises in the first place. Emcon Services have a team of highly-experienced technicians and engineers who strive to help customers in the relocation of heavy machinery, whether it be across the road or across the world, so no job is too big or too small for our experts.

Your company is expanding

You might need to move a machine over to allow room for new machines or other assets. This doesn’t require as much planning as a rearrange or sending it to a new home, but you will have to think about where the machinery should be placed and what you need to bring in alongside it, if anything.

It might be that you’re wanting to move an existing machine along to provide a new machine with enough room, for example. If this is the case, make sure you measure your space accurately to see whether or not your plans can come to fruition with the space you already have. However, if you’re extending your premises to accommodate the company expansion, then it might not be something you have to worry about, at least for the time being.

Your company is downsizing

If you’re looking to relocate to a smaller premises or even if you have a few machines that no longer serve a purpose for your business or its operations, then it’s quite common for business owners to reduce the number of machines they have. There are a number of reasons as to why a company might look to reduce their fleet of heavy machinery, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Machines are no longer carrying out relevant work
  • The upkeep of the machines is too costly
  • To allow for more space to be created for things like communal areas or office space
  • The company is moving to a smaller premises

Emcon Services work throughout the country to provide customers with sterling services, including the installation, relocation, refurbishment, maintenance and the loading and unloading of a wide range of different machines, regardless of its weight. No matter where you’re wishing to relocate your machine to, whether it be across the room or across the country, you’ll always be able to count on our expert, dedicated team of highly-skilled, fully-trained specialists. You can always trust us to handle your equipment with the utmost care and attention. We endeavour to protect your machinery at all times. For more information about our heavy machinery relocation services, get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.