Machinery Installation

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Emcon Services can relocate one machine or undertake a complete factory relocation. Our dedicated team has the skillset to deal with local, national and worldwide machinery installation. We cover a wide range of industries and sectors including, but not limited to, print and packaging, engineering, textiles and all manufacturing industries.

Our experienced team of engineers, electricians and riggers and slingers can carry out any job to any specification. Even the most complex of machinery installation projects, on the tightest of schedules or difficult conditions will present no problem at all. We’re the only heavy machinery installers you’ll ever need.

Guaranteed Safety

The number priority is the safety of people, machinery and equipment within our custody or around us. We leave no stone unturned for this and take enormous pride in the fact that we haven’t made a single insurance claim since being incorporated in 2001. We do everything in our power to ensure that this is a statistic that will not change.

Machinery Installation

Perhaps the reason for this excellent record is the due diligence and care that goes into every project we work on. Before any project can truly begin, a risk assessment is carried out to identify potential hazards and the correct actions are taken to ensure that these do not develop beyond ‘potential’. This makes sure that staff and units are fully protected during the course of your machinery installation project.

Our teams use a number of heavy duty vehicles and equipment - we’ve got a fearsome fleet. This includes crane lorries, both with and without drawbar, step frame low loaders and curtain sided lorries. All of our personnel are fully equipped, trained and insured to operate them. On top of that, all vehicles and equipment are regularly tested and inspected. Copies of relevant certificates can be found inside of the vehicles, along with first aid kits and fire extinguishers.

Complimentary Site Visit

We believe in proper planning when it comes to heavy machinery installation - it’s the only way to ensure a successful outcome. To get a real feel for your machinery installation requirements, we will visit your site and discuss what you need. From there, we’ll provide a detailed scope of works to be carried out and provide you with an accurate quotation. This is a completely free service and we feel both parties benefit.

Our team will be able to determine what tools we need to provide the most practical and economical solution. You’ll be able to meet face to face with somebody who will be involved with your project from start to finish. In most cases, we’ll even come back to visit your site a few weeks after project completion as a courtesy to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our services. We want a fully successful heavy machinery installation and happy customers.

With over half a century combined experience, Emcon Industrial Services’ knowledgeable engineers make a crack team of heavy machinery installers. For a seamless transition and installation trust our team and you won’t regret it.

“We have found their work to be professional and conscientious. They often have to work under difficult conditions and always adhere to strict safety guidelines.”

Herminio Moreno, Chief Operating Officer, Iberica AG S.A, Barcelona (Spain)

“The guys from emcon addressed the move with such professionalism and with minimum disruption, it was seamless.”

Steve Peers Purchasing Manager

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